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Remedium Adjustable Lift Bed
  • Multiple adjustability - The Remedium Adjustable Bed will give you the option to adjust the Head, Legs, Chair Position and Lift Chair
  • Mobility Bars can be used to adjust yourself in bed as well as provide a point of stability when you use the bed to lift you up.
  • Premium Foam Mattress w/ Cover provides extra comfortable sleeping surface that equalizes pressure points for healthier skin and comfort.
$1,899.00 $3,000.00
Remedium Heel Protector Boot
  • Heel Relief - Designed to completely off-load the heel
  • Patented sides down - open door design for easy accessibility to simplify skin and wound monitoring
  • Inner design - helps with reducing friction
  • Easy attachment of DVT pressure devices - with 3 holes on each side of the boot
$69.00 $150.00