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Prius Rhythm Turn Lateral Rotation / Low Air Loss Mattress
  • High Risk to Stage IV (Prevention and Ulcer Treatment): Ideal for High Risk Ulcer Prevention and for treatment of patients who already have Stage IV skin breakdown.
  • Lateral Rotation: Continuous 20° and 40° lateral
    rotation therapy, which can help lower the risk of infection, pneumonia and other pulmonary complications in at-risk patients. Lateral Rotation cycle times from 3-95 minutes
  • On Demand True Low Air Loss: Air is blown directly to the skin providing the most optimal moisture
    and heat treatment. The On Demand True Low Air Loss pushes air directly up towards the skin.
  • Warranty: Mattress 2 Year / Motor 2 Years / Cover 1 Year
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Accora 600 Foam Mattress
  • High Prevention to Stage II (Helps distribute weight and lower interface pressure to help prevent pressure ulcers in high risk patients.)

  • Stay cool and dry - Heat is channeled away from the body faster than traditional foam, preventing the build up of heat and moisture.

  • Protects vulnerable heel area - with 30 degree slope - redistributing pressure to the entire leg, away from the heel
  • Warranty: 10 Years
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