Adjustable Beds

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Flex a Bed Value-Flex Adjustable Bed
  • Quality at a Value: Basic Model with limited upgrade options for the benefits of an adjustable bed at a great price!
  • One Touch Wired Control/Controls: Easy to use control or controls (Split Queen/Split King).
  • Whisper Quiet Lintak Motor Technology: Smooth quiet move
$1,350.00 $2,500.00
Remedium Adjustable Lift Bed
  • Multiple adjustability - The Remedium Adjustable Bed will give you the option to adjust the Head, Legs, Chair Position and Lift Chair
  • Mobility Bars can be used to adjust yourself in bed as well as provide a point of stability when you use the bed to lift you up.
  • Premium Foam Mattress w/ Cover provides extra comfortable sleeping surface that equalizes pressure points for healthier skin and comfort.
$1,899.00 $3,000.00
Flex a Bed Hi-Low SL Adjustable Bed
  • Overall Height Adjustment: Base can be raised and lowered vertically with a touch of a button
  • One Touch Wireless or Wired Control/Controls: Easy to use control or controls (Split Queen/Split King).
  • Whisper Quiet Linak Motor Technology: Smooth quiet movement.
$2,813.00 $3,600.00
Transfer Master Supernal Hi-Low Adjustable Bed
  • Head, Foot, and Hi-Low Adjustable: Multiple adjustments giving the user multiple positions for the right comfort and proper settings for safe entering and exiting of the bed.
  • Allows for ergonomic correct positions which complement the natural curvature of the spine, promoting healthy posture and a better night sleep.
  • Variable Massage provides soothing massage for the upper and lower body.
  • Wireless, illuminated hand control lets you adjust the bed from anywhere day or night—without turning on the lights. We understand the value of a tranquil bedroom.
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$3,441.00 $4,639.00
Dawn House Adjustable Hi-Low Smart Bed
  • Voice Control: The voice console enables the bed to be controlled using simple voice commands. The console is also a wireless charging station for a smartphone.
  • Mobile App (iPhone and Android) The dedicated Dawn House App also includes controls for all bed functions in addition to providing information on sleep activity and other vital health factors.
  • Underbed lighting: Motion-activated LED lighting for better visibility in low-light settings.
  • Rise to wake: Set a time to gently raise the head of the bed as an alternative to an alarm clock.
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$4,795.00 $5,800.00