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Med-Mizer Deluxe ActiveCare Safeturn Hospital Bed
  • One Button SafeTurn Exit - exclusive feature that fully automates the bed to turn into a chair and allow the patient to safely enter and exit the bed.
  • Full Chair Position - full chair position to allow the patient the ability to sit in the bed for added comfort. Watch TV, eat a meal, and socialize with family and friends while remaining comfortably in bed.
  • Underbed Lighting Included - underbed lighting assists the user for night time rest room breaks or
    ambient light to provide care to the user without waking the user with overhead lighting.
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Med-Mizer SelectCare Hospital Bed
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Positioning - Position your bed at a diagonal with the legs above the head to decrease swelling in the legs (Trendelenburg) or position the head above
    the legs to put the bed into more of a true chair position (Reverse Trendelenburg)
  • Backlit Hand Pendant - Remote controls the head, knee, height, trend/reverse trend, underbed lighting as well as One Button Chair Position.
  • Underbed Lighting - Helps illuminate under the bed for bathroom or caregiving needs.
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Lumex Bariatric Hospital Bed
  • Heavy-Duty Frame - with a 600 lb. weight capacity and an extra-wide 42" x 80" bed deck.
  • Motorized Positioning - of upper body and knees as well as height adjustment provides maximum comfort and versatility to patient and caregiver.
  • Made in the USA - bed is made in the USA and proves to be superior in quality and performance.
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MedaCure Full Electric Hospital Bed Set (Black Frame/Rails)
MedaCure Full Electric Hospital Bed Set (Black Frame/Rails)
  • Full Electric - head and knees raise and lower with the remote control.
  • Steel Tubular Deck will provide the support that the other entry level beds don't. This support makes it easier to get in and out of bed, but most importantly
    the support provides optimal comfort for sleeping in bed as well.
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