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EZ Sleeper with Twilight Power Lift Chair Recliner
  • Lower Body Zone - The patented four way motion of the seat helps provide relief to muscle and
    joint pain by placing your lower body in a supported
  • Lumbar Zone - The custom and firm support of the adjustable lumbar can take pressure off your spine.
  • Twilight Tilt - The tilting motion of the patented Twilight Technology provides the feeling of weightlessness and offers even more positioning options not available with other
Deluna Dione Lift Chair
  • Power Head Rest slide on an articulating arch, lifting and lowering your head in a natural curve.
  • Power lumbar features a solid metal actuator that offers firm support behind your lower back.
  • Zero Gravity Position The weightlessness of zero gravity chairs causes deep relaxation and healing on a physical and mental level, where your body is suspended in a neutral position so your feet are in alignment with your heart. This elevation decompresses the spine and helps oxygenate the heart.
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Capri Lift Chair
  • Classic Colonial Back Design looks great in any room or open space
  • Smooth, Whisper Quiet Lift and Recline Easily Raise to a standing position and gently lower to a Seated Position
  • Simple Two Button Control easy to use control with large easy touch buttons.
From $620.00 $899.00
Deluna Elara Lift Chair
  • Straight Lift for easy exiting or sitting on the chair.
  • Extra pocket for magazines or remotes.
  • Manually adjustable three-position headrest for optimal head support and comfort
  • Detachable headrest cover for easy cleaning
  • Elegant seamed back design gives you an stylish look from even the back of the chair. Great for open room or space
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Cloud MaxiComfort Lift Chair
  • Overstuffed, biscuit back design will give you that cloud comfort feeling providing excellent support as well.
  • Features Golden’s exclusive bucket seat with “perfect posture” guidance enables the user to properly sit in comfort along with sitting and exiting in perfect support.
  • Unique Bucket Seat and chaise pad design cradles your lower body in comfort.
  • Power Lumbar features a solid metal actuator that offers firm support behind your lower back.The power lumbar pushes from behind the padding, meeting your lower back to provide support.
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